Our Services

Teamwork from A to Z

As a specialist and independent partner, we support you throughout the life of your products from the generation and development (pre-trade), the optimization and launch (at- trade) as well as during and until the maturity of the product (post-trade). We put particular focus on a professional and automated after-sales service (post-trade).


Idea Generation
Cross-Asset Solutions

Development, structuring, pricing and execution of Structured Products.

Tailor-made Ideas

Customized solutions.


Our product and idea generation is based on current market trends and takes third-party and broker research into account.


Trading & Structuring
Pricing and Execution

Competitive (“beauty contest”), fast and reliable trading in both primary and secondary markets.


Private placements in all asset classes, i.e. equities, bonds, currencies and commodities.

Quality Control

Regulation & documentation.


Proactive After-Sales

Proactive analysis and constant monitoring of all positions, coupon payments and risk (Barrier, Stop/Loss, early repayment, restructuring, etc.).

Frequent Updates

Constant overview of all traded solutions and market updates (monthly or via online portal).