Your Benefits

Optimized Risk- / Reward

In order to tailor-made the best-possible strategy for the client, we optimize the Risk- / Reward when selecting Structured Products.


Best market conditions are guaranteed by a targeted but fair competition ("beauty contest").

Open Architecture - Issuer Diversification

As an independent partner in the choice of solutions and issuers, you can choose for your clients from a large number of issuers.

Trade Ideas based on third-party Research

We offer customized solutions starting as low as CHF 250’000 or equivalent, and our investment ideas are based on a thorough and clearly defined investment process including third-party research.

Reporting and Life-Cycle Management

Our reporting platform provides you with the opportunity to generate a consolidated report across all issuers and current positions of Structured Products of your customers.

Professional and efficient After-Sales

We provide a proactive after-sales at product events, and you can readily order an automatically generated after-sales report.