Structured Solutions

Our Performance Promise

  • Our Idea Generation is based on an optimized Risk/Reward approach
  • Best-Execution Prinzip
  • Offene Architektur
  • Trade Ideen basierend auf Drittpartei Research
  • Reporting und Life-Cycle Management
  • Professioneller und effizienter After-Sales

Product categories

According to the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA), four categories need to be distinguished for Structured Products:

1. Capital
2. Yield Enhancement
3. Participation
4. Leverage Products

Benefits of Structured Products compared to general financial investments

Optimization of the investment return through diversification of risk and return based on the client’s needs and expectations.

Diversification of the portfolio thanks to adaptation and combination of different parameters.

Tailor-made solutions by coordinating individual risk profiles and market expectations of investors.

High flexibility in the choice of tenors and the exploitation of market trends (macro trends, volatility trends, etc.)

Individuality thanks to simple implementation of individual investment ideas and goals with tailor-made products.

Higher return than money market investments: Attractive yield possible even in markets that are declining or trending sideways.

Efficiency: Rapid market access thanks to faster development, implementation and issuance.

Client requirement: Strong customer demand for financial instruments that allow for yield enhancement without risking the capital invested.